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AK Building Tools

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AK-Builder's Rivet Sets

A- Long Swell Neck For Rear Trunnion or Yugo/RPK Front Trunnion.
B- Upper Front Trunnion or Pistol Grip Mount Rivet for Yugo M70 Fixed Stock.
(M70 Underfolders use standard length rivets on all three pistol grip mount holes).
C- Short Swell Neck for Front Trunnion or Rear Trunnion (countersunk holes use swell neck rivets).
D- Short Non-Swell Rivet for Flat Front Trunnion Holes, Front Four Rivets on Trigger Guard, Rear Rivet on Trigger Guard if using reinforcement plate and pistol grip mounts on Yugo's.
E- Shortest Rivet for Rear of Trigger Guard on Non-Yugo's or when not using a reinforcement plate.
Rivet sets for the following are available:
Standard AKM with solid rear trunnion.
AKS Folding Stock or Polish Underfolders.
Yugo M92 Underfolder.
Yugo M70 Fixed Stock.
Yugo M70 Underfolder .
Polish Tantal.
AK74 Sidefolder.

The rear trigger guard rivets will be the shorter length like the originals. For the underfolder and sidefolder sets I will include the short and long rivet in case you will be using a reinforcement plate.

Online Price

MSRP: $9.99
Save: $0.00


AK Builder Flat and Rails No holes

1050 High Carbon Steel Flats.

These are made with the magwell pre-cut for 7.62 with no choice for 5.45 magwell openings. The dimensions and hole placing are exactly like my other flats, but were made to be more affordable.

Online Price

MSRP: $30.00
Save: $2.01


3mm Gas Piston Rivets

These are the perfect rivets for installing a new gas piston.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 September, 2006.

Online Price

MSRP: $1.25
Save: $0.00


Trigger Guard Rivet Drilling Jig

Here is a tool that I made up about a year ago for drilling out the trigger guard rivets. This block clamps to your trigger guard and allows you to drill directly through the center of the rivets. I've even used this to drill out front trunnion rivets by using a bar clamp to hold it in place.

Online Price

MSRP: $29.99
Save: $0.00


US Made Slant Brakes

These brakes are CNC machined then stamped MADE IN USA and count as one part towards your 922r compliance.

These fit any standard AK with 14-1 left hand threads.

Online Price

MSRP: $19.99
Save: $0.00


Barrel Installation and Removal Kit

Remove barrel pins with a captive system that holds a hardened pin to reduce the chance of flying projectiles from other methods.

The 1.25 is $95
The 1.50 is $100

Online Price

MSRP: $90.00
Save: $0.00


Showing 7 - 12 of 27 Results

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