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   AK-Builder's Rivet Sets
Category->AK Building Tools
AK-Builder's Rivet Sets

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A- Long Swell Neck For Rear Trunnion or Yugo/RPK Front Trunnion.

B- Upper Front Trunnion or Pistol Grip Mount Rivet for Yugo M70 Fixed Stock.

(M70 Underfolders use standard length rivets on all three pistol grip mount holes).

C- Short Swell Neck for Front Trunnion or Rear Trunnion (countersunk holes use swell neck rivets).

D- Short Non-Swell Rivet for Flat Front Trunnion Holes, Front Four Rivets on Trigger Guard, Rear Rivet on Trigger Guard if using reinforcement plate and pistol grip mounts on Yugo's.

E- Shortest Rivet for Rear of Trigger Guard on Non-Yugo's or when not using a reinforcement plate.

Rivet sets for the following are available:

Standard AKM with solid rear trunnion.

AKS Folding Stock or Polish Underfolders.

Yugo M92 Underfolder.

Yugo M70 Fixed Stock.

Yugo M70 Underfolder .

Polish Tantal.

AK74 Sidefolder.

The rear trigger guard rivets will be the shorter length like the originals. For the underfolder and sidefolder sets I will include the short and long rivet in case you will be using a reinforcement plate.

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