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Power Custom Inc.


Randall Power

Randall Power, President of Power Custom, is the son of Power Custom founder Ron Power. Having learned to run a Bridgeport mill to produce revolver scope mounts starting in grade school, Randall has spent his entire life in the firearms industry. Today, Randall is carrying on the Fixture and Accessory business. Randall is a Graduate of CMSU (Central Missouri State University) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and a double major in Management and Finance.

Following the completion of his college studies, Randall and Ron designed and created the Ruger 10-22 Titanium Parts in 1994. Randall mainly specializes in customizing the Ruger 10-22, but oversees the production of all Power Custom products, as well as all aspects of the Power Custom business. Designing these parts has brought the 10-22 to the leading edge of technology and design, and has changed the industry as a whole. 

Ron and Randall Power were among the first to bring to market a line of high-performance, precision 10-22 parts. That product line established Ron and Randall as pioneers who lead the way to today’s 10-22 “craze”. Those products include their Titanium Firing Pin, Titanium Extended Operating Bolt Handle, Titanium Trigger with overtravel screw, Stainless Steel Guide Rod, Competition match grade Sear, Oversize Double Big Headed Safety (Patented), Titanium Sharp Claw Extractor, Hammer Shims, and Trigger shims. They were first to perfect the Hammer and Sear pack using the modern, high-tech Wire EDM manufacturing process. Ron and Randall’s original ideas in 1994 lead to the design and manufacturing of the Power Custom competition grade 10-22 product line. That pioneering product line brought the 10-22 to a new level.

Today, under Randall's direction, Power Custom specializes in marketing custom fixtures and accessories for gunsmiths and serious competitors. 

Randall has also written several articles for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Journal. Writing about the firearms industry and sharing his experience and knowledge is something that Randall finds very rewarding. 

Power Custom is a family run and operated business. You will get personal service no matter how big the operation is. Honest business ethics are a top priority with Randall and the Power Custom family. Power Custom keeps business very simple - the Customer is Number 1. At Power Custom, when the phone rings, Ron or Randall Power answers it. There is no answering machine - you will get personal service from someone who understands everything about the products and who is an avid hunter and shooter himself.

Randall Power- Life member National Rifle Association

Life member ANA

Ron Power

Ron Power started gunsmithing at a very young age over 40 years ago. He worked for a gun shop in Kansas City in 1957 doing all types of repair and customizing on rifles, shotguns, and pistols. He Started Power Custom in 1959. During this same time he worked for Armco Steel full time. He retired from Armco Steel with 30 years. Ron has attended several gunsmith seminars given by the major manufactures. He served in the U.S. Army and was assigned to the Marksmanship Unit as a pistol team member and national Match Weapons Armorer. For Several years he has taught seminars at Trinidad State Junior College, NRA Gunsmithing Schools, Montgomery Community College, Ruger Police Armorer School, and as a Police Firearms Instructor. He was President of the Missouri State Rifle and Pistol Association for 5 years. Ron has been a serious pistol competitor and is an avid handgun hunter.


Ron was one of the first to build heavy barreled PPC revolvers and refine their accuracy. He specializes in alterations to stainless steel revolvers made by Smith and Wesson and Ruger Double Action Revolvers. Ron has not only been instrumental in the design of firearms, but through the use of advanced gunsmithing techniques, has designed and patented many tools and accessories.


Randall (Ron’s son) is carrying on the Fixture and Accessory business. Randall is a Graduate of CMSU (Central Missouri State University) with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double major in Management and Finance. Randall and Ron created and designed the Ruger 10-22 Titanium Parts back in 1994. Randall mainly specializes in customizing the Ruger 10-22.


Today Power Custom mainly specializes in marketing custom Fixtures and accessories for gunsmiths and serious competitors. Power Custom is also a Law enforcement Ruger distributor.


Power Custom is a family run and operated business. You will get personal service no matter how big we are. We keep Business very simple. The Customer is Number 1. All of Power Custom parts are fully guaranteed to work.


Ron Power and Randall Power- Life member National Rifle Association


Ron Power


Charter Member American Pistolsmiths Guild

    1986 Pistolsmith of the Year Award


Life Memberships:

N.R.A 1991 Received the N.R.A Professional Public Service Award

Outstanding American Handgunner

1992 Top-10 Outstanding American Handgunner Award

1996 Top-6 Outstanding American Handgunner Award

1998 Top-4 Outstanding American Handgunner Award

1999 Top-3 Outstanding American Handgunner Award

Missouri Sport Shooting Association

Kansas Rifle & Pistol Association



Handgun Hunter International

American Trap Association

Safari Club

American Hangunners Club 100

Police Marksman Association

Varmint Hunters Association


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