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I have a SAR-3 that had serious problems. It was not reliable, jammed (by locking the bolt back?), and worst of all had terrible trigger slap. When it jammed I would have to dismantle the gun to fix it. The trigger slap was actually painful to shoot and would numb my trigger finger. It was either try your FCG or get rid of the gun. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with your product. Everything I've read about your adjustable triggers is right on the money. After installing your FCG, it has never jammed, does not get the bolt locked back anymore, and best of all the trigger slap is gone! It has become my favorite -fun gun- to shoot. When I took it out to test the new FCG I brought along my scoped Mini-14 and let a friend shoot it. We shot at a local shooting range and set the targets at 50 yards. I could not believe it when I actually out shot him with the unscoped SAR-3. Thanks for a great product! Ken C. St. Louis, Missouri


Howdy. I just wanted to share with y'all the posting that I put up on the AK47.net website. Y'all used to advertise there, and in fact that's where I first heard of your products. You people are absolutely top notch and I can't thank you enough for your products and your fantastic service. I mean, installation - to my specs - and test firing and shipping my weapon back to me all in less than a week? Unbelievable. Thanks again. Mike Sigman MBSigman@aol.com Sir, I had the Red Star FCG installed in my VEPR Hunter .308 (long barrel). This is my second Red Star FCG; the first was installed in my Global Trades SSR85B. It is absolutely positively wonderful. I mean to tell you, this is almost (but not quite) as good as sex. I had my gunsmith install the first one in my SSR85B and as it was his first experience with this product he busted his tail on it. Seems that when he adjusted one set point, it affected the other settings. He's the kind of gunsmith that demands perfection so he spent an inordinate amount of time getting it perfect for me. Once he finished it was, quite simply, fantastic. But he busted his hump getting it right, and I really didn't want to take advantage of our friendship on this again when it came time to have it installed in my VEPR. Yeah, I'm paying for his service, but I really felt guilty about it. (ok, sports fans, flame away!) I called Red Star and asked if they could install it, and they said for $50 they'd stick it in based on my specs. I wanted an extremely short first stage with a 4-5 pound pull. I like the 2 stage, but want a really short first stage. They said no problem. I sent it up fully expecting the weapon to be gone for four weeks. I got it back within a week. The trigger feels like grease on glass, and it's exactly the way I wanted it set. Their tech support is second to none. I'm sure that most people with any experience with AK FCGs can stick this in themselves, and if there is any question as to settings they can explain over the phone what and how to adjust. I simply don't have the experience with these FCGs and wanted an expert to do the installation. That's just me; I would consider trying it in the future. Regardless, these people make a product that is extremely high quality for a reasonable price and they have superior customer support and outstanding service. A Red Star FCG will take your VEPR - which is a truly great weapon - and make it absolutely fantastic. I can't say enough good things about them! Do it yourself or have them do it - either way you can't beat it. Hope this helps Mike Sigman


 CampyBob's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: First, I inspected the machining quality...it's beautiful...really well made! Even after black oxide finish is applied, the hammer/trigger release surfaces are polished like a mirror. Next, I tested hardness (heat treatment) on both the rockwell "b" and "c" scales. The results were impressive. The parts are a good 20 points harder than the century "c" marked parts. The hammer checked out at a 54 "c" scale reading. Installation was a breeze. The trigger and disconnector are pre-assembled on a slave pin. Installation Is a easy as dropping the assembly in place and pushing the slave pin out as you insert your pivot pin. my pivot pins had been previously polished, so all i had to do was lube them up with synthetic oil. the disconnector spring is a custom made item, pressure matched to the unit. the trigger scale i used measured the initial installation gaged just a bit heavier than spec., so i adjusted it down according to the instructions and dry fired minus the carrier group. the first stage take up was smooth as silk. letoff was astounding! "crisp" is an understatement. i then tested the safety/selector lever function. the clearance is so little that the trigger cannot be rotated! no movement could be felt on my rifle. none. talk about close. i have a feeling that filing the contact block on the selector lever may be necessary on some rifles...this is covered in the instruction/set-up data that comes with the group. i reinstalled the carrier and tested cocking function...no problem i loaded up some mags and headed out into the cold to test fire. loading one round only, i let it rip from the hip. good deal...two rounds, perfect cycling. time for some aimed fire. the temperature was in the mid 20's and the wind was blowing pretty hard. even as my hands went numb ( i didn't dress to be out for long) i could feel how smooth and consistant this group was. two mags later i headed inside to get warm. i popped the cover to look at the hammer...the black oxide wasn't even scuffed up! i then set about to further reduce the trigger pull. a simple adjustment with the included allen wrench and test with the trigger pull scale showed i had it set to 3-1/4 lbs. back outside on saturday to do more shooting. this time, i remounted the pso-1 scope and drove down to the bottom in an attempt to get out of the wind. no such luck...the wind was blowing even harder than the day before. i stapled up targets at 100 yards and this time i was a little better dressed. i shoot off a bench with the forearm rested. while my shooting didn't set any international records, i shot some good groups...and except for a flyer, i would have bettered my best summertime dead air group. just to use up the ammo, i did some rapid fire from the shoulder and headed up to the house. again, inspection showed as close to zero hammer wear as possible. next, i got out the instructions, and at redstararms direction, got down to work setting the trigger pull up as a single stage...and limited takeup and overtravel. while, perhaps, not suitable to a tool for combat, i can tell you that i've never felt anything like this trigger in an ak. btw, i set these parts up in the sar-2/ak-74 just to see if it would work in that model...it does! .One of the biggest reasons the kalashnikov is "inaccurate" is because of the crappy triggers we get. well, redstararms just took THAT excuse away from me! some folks will see it as pricey...but compared to a $200 ar-15 trigger that does no more...it's pretty darn inexpensive in my book. the trigger group in my anschutz probably cost double that $200 figure. it's all in what you want to do with the rifle


Mack8384's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: The Red Star FCG has a really smooth pull with a crisp repeatable let off. It can be adjusted for a single stage or 2 stage trigger pull. The trigger pull weight can be adjusted BUT, RSA does not recommend setting up the trigger pull wieght any lighter than 3 1/2 lbs. In actuality a 4 lbs trigger that is smooth will feel a lot lighter than it really is. If your going to get the RSA FCG i would reccommend that you order the FCG retainer plate that takes the place of the sheppards hook also.It makes installation of the FCG a breeze. Larry from NE's Comments on the RSA SAR-3 Trigger Group and retainer plate: Redstar, I want to congratulate you on a fine product that I recently purchased. The product was a trigger and hammer assembly for the SAR-3. It is a beauty! It "blew my mind" when I replaced the trigger group and tested the rifle. A very clean, crisp trigger pull and I knew when it was to go off! Installation was a snap including the hammer/trigger pin retainer plate. Far easier than using the "old" retainer wire. The hammer hits the firing pin the way it should compared to the factory hammer that was eating away at my bolt because of the wrong geometery. It is a shame that the company that put these SAR-3's for sale actually failed the quality control area. Such sloppiness! To say the least, I now have a rifle that should last a lifetime and have no more worries about the trigger and hammer. Thank you, thank you! Larry from NE.


Shotar's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: ...this is by far the best AK trigger on the market and equals or exceeds anything in the AR world. IMHO there is not a better choice available anywhere and installation could not be easier. BeeBee2's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: I have a Red Star in one of my SAR-1s. This FCG screams "quality" ! Crisp two stage pull. After about a 1000 rounds or so, never any problems. RS39's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: ...as good a feel as any AR trigger I have fondled (Bushy, Colt, RRA, Jewell, Armalite). Doug R.'s Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: I installed your trigger group, and ended up with an AK trigger that compares to the best that may be found on any AR-type rifle, and I'm not kidding! ... better than the JP trigger I had in my AR by FAR. Herbert M's Comments on the RSA SAR-3 Trigger Group: I just installed your SAR-3 trigger group in my AK and it's the best thing I could have done. A very, very good product.


JOHNNY S. N.C's Comments on the RSA SAR-3 Hammer: I have a SAR-3 and it was misfiring. I contacted you all and advised you of my problem. You recommended the milled hammer to me. I installed it in my SAR-3 - it now shoots like a dream. It shoots the cheap shells as well as the higher priced shells. I advise anyone else with this problem to buy the hammer. I would like to thank you for your help and selling me a great product.


obershutze916's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: All I can say is WOW! 10 minutes of looking the whole set up over, 10 minutes changing the trigger group, and 15 minutes cursing the shepherd hook then I was done. This trigger is all that its cracked up to be.


Waverunner's Comments on the RSA AK Trigger Group: I had Informer (Gary Gucciano,Solstice Arms) install the RSA trigger group as part of the project rifle(Intrac MkII AK-74) he did for me. Keep in mind, I'm mostly an AR-15 kind of guy and my previous AK, an SAR-1 AK-47 type, was sold off before these triggers even came out. I didn't expect it to be as good, IF NOT BETTER, than the triggers in my AR's. Informer set it up just the way I like it and I don't think I'll ever mess with those adjustments but it is nice to know that if I wanted to, I could. It's a smooth trigger and simply an incredible upgrade that is well worth the price. I wish you guys came out with this trigger sooner, I never would have sold off my SAR-1!


Larry P's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: I recently ordered a Power Custom Trigger for the S.A.R. 3. I wanted to thank you for the quick and excellent service of your Company. The Trigger is the best I have ever tried on an A.K. An Excellent Product, with excellent service. I would recommend your products and service to all of my friends. I was amazed in the difference after the trigger was installed. Absolutely good product. [RSA comment: Power Custom is our parent company.] Thank you for the wonderful service and product, Larry P.


Harry J's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: I purchased your Power Custom drop in trigger group for my SAR-1 ak-47 from Midway USA, their service was great and prompt. This trigger has made a new gun for me, I would not be without this trigger for the price and the ease of installation. It is a must for any ak with that horrible trigger snap! You have solved the problem for all of us. Thanks, a happy ak-47 owner Harry. John Browning's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Best thing you can do to an AK. Breaks like glass and no overtravel. I put a drop in hammer & sear in a 1911, and while it improved the pull, it is nothing like the improvement you get when you put your FCG in an Ak. Worth every penny of the $80.


Ross's Comments on the RSA Trigger Group: The RSA unit is in my Romak-3. It is by far the best trigger out there. The quality of manufacture is superior as well. I consider the RSA to be the best trigger out there. As for the adjustment screws, I can't budge mine easily without bending a hex wrench. I can't see them moving during use. I consider the RSA unit to actually be more reliable, as I've worn out cast US triggers. The RSA unit is simply higher quality. As such it is LESS prone to problems caused by wear or out-of-spec dimensions.


Warwolf's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Best mod you can do to an AK. After I was finished adjusting mine with a two stage pull, I just can't get over how nice these are. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bullet762's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: I was very fortunate some years to have received specialized training on how to tune and build National Match M1 and M14 rifles (before the acendency of the Black Rifle for that sort of work at Camp Perry) and have long had an appreciation of how that pattern of double-hook fire control system could be tuned to yield a truly excellent pull. So, when I first gauzed into the innards of an AK some years later, I was suprized to find that a very similar system to that developed by John Garand resided in the mighty AK, and immediatly saw the potential to get the same (or even better) characteristics in that rifle. (The only other semiauto rifle I have ever worked with that had any better potential than either the Garand or the AK was the FN-49, which is in a class by itself). I vowed that one day, I would try my hand at putting a realy good pull on an AK. That day never came. And it proves to be just as well. The good folks at Red Star Arms did all the heavy lifting for me, and even made it easy to solve part of my "Americanization" requirments as I converted an SLR-90 to military configuration. The parts are beautifuly finished and installed without a hitch. When you look down in the rifle with the parts installed, the first thing you notice is all of the little Allen set screws that are staring back at you, no fewer than four of the little darlings. Once you are familar with what aspects of trigger pull they control, you find that you have a remarkable variety of options available in terms of what sort of pull you can get, and you can get them in very little time and with minimal effort. I set mine up to neatly mimic the specified two-stage 4.5 lb. pull found on National Match Garands and M14s, only with exacly the amount of takeup, release weight and overtravel I specified, precisely. You can set it up in a numer of other ways as well, assuming you know what you are doing. I am very impressed. If you have to purchase US made AK parts for legal purposed, spend the few extra sheckles and get the Red Star product. You dont need any US parts? Well, then get a set anyway! It is too neat to pass up.


rgaper's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: They are really good stuff. I have the group in my SAR-3 and my pull guage measures 3.5 pounds consistently and the fact that you can adjust it yourself is really, really nice. I've spent $200 on triggers - read JUST triggers, not a whole group - for my varmint and match rifles, $79 for this high quality FCG is a steal! Sutro's Comments on the RSA SAR-3 Trigger Group: SAR-3 owners have more motivation than other AK owners to replace their fire-control groups (FCG) with aftermarket American-made ones, or at least replace the hammer with aftermarket American made ones: Besides the generally questionable quality of the "Circ-le-C" FCG's that come with SAR's, the "Circ-le-C" hammer in many SAR-3's can pretty much destroy the gun. Many of these hammers do not stike the back of the bolt squarely, and over time will peen the firing pin (difficult to replace on a SAR-3) and bolt (pretty much impossible to replace on a SAR-3) to death. Until now, SAR-3 owners seeking an aftermarket American-made hammer had to buy one for a standard AK, have it ground to SAR-3 specs, and possibly re-hardened. Red Star Arms (RSA) is now selling American-made hammers in proper SAR-3 configuration. I installed one in my SAR-3, and it strikes the back of the bolt perfectly squarely. On the face of it, the RSA FCG group is rather wreched excess: A fully-adjustab-le milled FCG on an AK? The very idea sounds rather silly, but... The RSA fire-control group is rather amazing in the SAR-3: I had presumed that AK's had inherently long, creepy triggers but that certainly is not the case: My SAR-3 now has a crisp-breaking trigger. Fussing with the trigger adjustments is actually sorta fun, since you can watch what happens with different adjustments and gain a very good understanding of just how an AK fire-control group works. Adjustments give you lots of options, too: I like a double-pull trigger with rather short travel in the second stage, no over-travel, and breaking at about 3-4 pounds. I now have a trigger like that. Had my tastes been different, such as prefering a single-stage trigger, I could adjust the trigger to get that instead. Rather pricey FCG, but an especially good investment for a SAR-3. On many SAR-3's it's necessary to replace the SAR-3 hammer with a properly-made American one to keep the gun's innards from bashing themselves to death while keeping one's parts count legal. And while the SAR-3 has better accuracy potential than most AK's, the long and creepy factory trigger gets in the way of accurate shooting. The RSA FCG for the SAR-3 resolves both problems. Mousegun's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: On Sunday, my buddy and I went to see Ken Roberts, the President of Red Star Arms... Ken studied the MAK90 and NHM91 closely, and he concluded that his trigger would work on both with minor or no fitting at all. After taking several digital pictures for further studies, Ken showed us his SAR2 that is fitted with his new trigger. The trigger on the SAR2 was initially set to "combat" setting, a very crisp single stage with medium to light pull. My buddy and I were impressed, because the overtravel on this trigger was very-very small, and each trigger pull was very consistent. Definitely the best AK trigger I have ever tried. Then we asked Ken if he can make it very light with no overtravel. Of he went with his allen wrench making adjustment on the trigger, after a minute or two he handed the rifle back to me .... Holy smoke !! The trigger must be less than 2 lb !! No slack, very crisp, just like one of those single stage AR trigger used in the space gun for NRA match high power competition !! Too light for tactical use, but definitely applicable for match shooting .... not that I believe that AK was ever intended to be a match gun, but there is nothing wrong with having a match grade trigger installed on an AK. Being a service rifle shooter (AR15) and a Garand CMP shooter, I jokingly asked Ken if he could now adjust his trigger to mimic the two stage military trigger at 4.5 lbs pull like those found on Garands and AR15 used in DCM competition. So Ken played with the Allen Wrench again, a couple minutes later he handed the rifle back to me .... Geeezz .... it pulled like a Garand trigger !! The second stage let-off was a little gritty, but Ken said that it could be fixed by polishing a certain surface area or by applying a special trigger lubricant, typical stuff that you do to get your Garand and M1A trigger to NM level. [RSA Comment: These were unfinished parts. All retail parts are indeed polished and the engagement surfaces hand dressed. As well as these performed for Mousegun, they were not even blued!! Retail versions are much nicer!] I was impressed by the performance of this trigger, and so was my buddy. Since we live in the same town, Ken even offerred to install and adjust our triggers to our own liking when we decide to upgrade the triggers on our AK to his adjustable trigger. At $79.95 retail price, the adjustable trigger from Red Star Arms is not the cheapest out there .... but who else makes adjustable trigger for AK that can do both single and double stage pull ?? On top of that Ken's trigger is fully machined from a solid bar of steel, then heat treated to mil-spec hardness ... and it is US made !! I also saw the speed mag release that Red Star Arms sells .... I am getting one for my MAK90 ... True, Ken did not install one of his trigger on my MAK90 (I couldn't stick around too long that afternoon). But he took measurements and extended another invitation to bring back the MAK90 and have the trigger installed when I want to. The MAK90 will go to my smith for a total parkerizing job this week, so I did not want to install Ken's trigger last weekend as it will have to come out again in a few days .... being a match shooter, I would avoid removing a tune-out trigger from a rifle if possible. So I think I will contact Ken again after my smith is done with my MAK90. But based on his measurements, the MAK90 will fit just fine. In fact he said that it will be even easier to do than the Egyptian guns. All adjustments were made using allen wrench with the trigger group remaining in the gun. This is very similar to the way you adjust for AR15 2-stage NM trigger designed by Compass Lake (also adopted by Bushmaster). I have two lowers with Bushmaster NM trigger installed and I tuned them myself, so I had a very good idea how Ken did it. I think there are at least 2 screws that you can play with. One is to adjust the pull weight, the other will allow you to set the overtravel and controlling the single/double stage let-off. I dont work for Red Star arms. I just found out about them last week from AK-47.net. I dont consider myself as an AK guy, I only own one MAK90 and one SKS just to fill the collection spot representing the Com-Bloc weapons, that's it. But my experience shooting DCM configured AR15 and Garands allow me to have a "benchmark" against which I compare the Red Star arms trigger. This trigger is excellent in function and fit. And the fact that they costs only $79.95 is a lot cheaper compared to adjustable AR triggers available out there. The Rock River NM trigger goes for $120, the Compass Lake/Bushmaster also goes for that price .... the Jewell trigger (considered by many to be the best AR trigger out there) goes at $175 !! So Ken & Charlie got their trigger right, quality-wise and price-wise. nhglyn's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Just got my RSA adjustable trigger group and installed it in my SSR-85C. It is well worth the $79.99!!!!!!!!!! It made such a difference in my rifle, turning a slightly gritty pull into a super smooth one. I did find that, when installed, the safety would not turn properly and was bumping into the rear of the trigger group. I called RSA and Ken answered the phone. We talked, he was very helpful, and I ended up sanding just a bit of material off the tab on the bottom of the safety. It now works perfectly. Anyway.........just wanted to add my input on their trigger group. A+++++


Princeton's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Mine turned out so good I'm posting my review everywhere. Read on! Ordered 2 sets on Monday morning and they arrived Thursday afternoon. Great looking parts that are twice the weight of the crappy parts that are coming out of my SAR-1 & SAR-2 rifles. I put one set in my SAR-2 rifle this morning and they dropped right in (after wrestling with the stupid retaining wire and the stupid hammer pin). Everything worked without needing any adjustment. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't adjust it just a little anyhow. After working my trigger a few times I decided it needed a bit less trigger takeup (length of travel) and made the necessary adjustment (about one turn on the appropriate set screw - "C") and the trigger was perfect. Doing this made it necessary to file the safety yoke down so it could engage. It only took a few passes of a diamond file to accomplish this. I took the rifle to the range and pumped 200 rounds through it and the trigger couldn't have been better. The trigger is now better than every one of my stock AR-15s and almost as good as my AR-15 with a JP Enterprises trigger/hammer set. I know some guys laugh that people are spending $70 on a $300 rifle but believe me this is a no brainer. You must buy a trigger set to understand how nice these trigger sets are. It won't be money wasted. All I can say to RSA is "Great Job"


MISRy's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: I was asked to join srv56s from another site in a product evaluation at Red Star Arms of their new AK-47 Fire Control Group. I ASS-U-MED that we would be going to the shop where the parts are manufactured and sold. I was ruh, ruh, incorrect. We ended up being guests at the home of Ron Power, www.powercustom.com. If you have been around competition shooting for any length of time in the last 20 years, you have heard of him. We were provided with two European style AK's. a ROMAK with the butthole still on and a WASR-10 not converted to hi-cap. Both had the FCG's pre-installed. We fired Barnaul soft point ammo that they provided and as accuracy was not what we were there for, shot at targets out back of Ron's house. The ROMAK's trigger was set for a two stage pull. You "take up the slack" of the trigger, stage one, and steady, constant pull till the weapon fires, stage two. In this case however, a more accurate discription might be, you tense your finger in anticipation of firing, stage one, you think real hard about squeezing the trigger and it fires, stage two. It gets better, the WASR was set for a single stage, where there is no slack to take up. They claimed it to be set at 3.5 lbs. and that may be correct but after firing a standard AK one can easily imagine firing this puppy by breathing too hard in the general direction of the trigger. If there had been more people there I would have no problem claiming that the word "SW-EEEET!!" was uttered too loudly over 1000 times that day. As it is, I'll just say probably. We bought two groups on the spot. The parts themselves are machined from steel and heat-treated. The adjustments allow the user to affect change on every point of interaction with another part. Until you are comfortable with how and why each part works with the other, you might want to just stick with the factory two stage setting. The only noticable change to the hammer is that as all I saw were single tang groups and the un-needed "ear" was removed. The trigger is basically the same but points had to be machined into it to provide for the adjustments. If you are looking for a disconnector that looks a little like a question mark, you won't find it. The disconnector has been completely redesigned to both provide a wider range of adjustments and to be more compatable with a semiautomatic principle of operation. In short, if all you want is some US parts to slap in so you can get a pistol grip there are more cost effective alternatives. If you've looked at the cost of an AR target trigger system and said to yourself, "That's why I have an AK." and/or if you want the best, handmade, redesigned, fully adjustable, made in the USA trigger group you can possibly buy, Red Star Arms is it.


Gus's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: I received my trigger group last week from Midway and installed it today while watching the Steelers lose. Installation was very simple, until I tried to install the safety lever. I needed to do some filing on the right rear top of the trigger where the safety pawl makes contact. I also had to remove some metal from the rear surface at the same location so the trigger could move enough for the hammer to engage with the safety off. I did the filing mods only after adjusting the trigger first stage take up to my satisfaction. Once the very minor mods were completed and everything was cleaned up, I reassembled everthing and did a function check. MAN, this is a nice trigger. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but compared to the Global trigger I replaced, the RSA is unreal! The mods I had to do were not unexpected - they were mentioned right there in the instructions. Very little metal needed to be removed and the whole thing was done and ready to shoot by the end of the Steelers game. I'm happy to recommend this trigger to any AK varient owner, and I see now that RSA is releasing a set for the SAR-3. This is a must for any AK owner!!! Hats off to RSA!


Linx310's Comments on the RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Ok the very first thing I noticed when I received the trigger was the package the box came in. They had this thing so tapped up I had to practically get a hacksaw to open it. Also there were no dumb markings on the package that suggest there was any thing valuable. Both the package being securely sealed and the lack of obvious markings will hopefully detour our little loading buddies with sticky fingers at the post office. So already the company that makes the product, RedStarArms has two good things going for it and we haven't even opened the box. Once I got into the box, through the use of some major force, I pulled out the newspaper used to keep the product from bouncing around. Then I saw it, the awesome holy grail of a piece that I spent 10 minutes trying to get too, the adjustable trigger. The thing was packaged so nicely it was almost a shame to tear the bad open a remove the contents. Inside the clear bag there was of course the adjustable trigger set, a very detailed manual, and an Allen wrench. I examined the trigger set looking for imperfections, and as expected there were none, no ugly finishing marks, no sharp rough corners, no anything. As stated by others on the forum, these guys are true professionals. One of the cool features I noticed though that none of the other previews on the board have covered, mainly because they didn't get there's in the mail, is a metal pin holding the trigger/disconnector assembly together so they don't separate forcing that little spring from flying off. What's so cool about it you ask? Well when it comes to install you just drop the piece in and slide the larger original trigger pin in its place. The only thing I could find wrong with the product was the manual. It is so detailed that some people might be intimidated by its size. Though this feeling quickly disappears once one turns the manual over to see a detailed drawing of the complete assembly that is labeled. The manual consists of several sections. The first details on how the trigger works, the second on how to set up a two stage trigger, and the third details on how to set up a single stage trigger. After reading the manual several times I think I finally got the drift on how it works. So I decided to install it. After removing my crappy US internals that I am saving for another project down the road, I was ready to go. Installation is a breeze for those of us who have removed and reinstalled the FCG on a AK type rifle, but for newbies it is a little scary looking at all the springs and levers. That's why I will put a tutoral up soon on how to install the trigger group. I had the thing in my rifle in fewer than 10 minutes, it installs exactly like the normal FCG. Following the manual I adjusted for a two-stage trigger using the included allen wrench, it is awesome. When I pull the trigger through the first stage I didn't fill anything gritty like I did on my other FCG, it is very nice and smooth. Once I get past the first stage I feel the trigger get hard letting my finger know if it moves back any farther the rifle will fire. This is awesome for those who like to take time to carefully aim downrange. I wonder how many people messed up their groups because of the unpredictability of the crappy US FCG included with their rifle. Again looking at the manual I adjusted for a single-stage trigger. I personally consider this the rock and roll setting. If you barely pull the trigger back the thing shoots. Hopefully if I get a chance to go to the range this weekend I can get a first hand experience on a improvement on how fast I can pull off shots. The problem most people experience with rapid shooting using the US FCG, is the fact that trigger slap hurts and forces one to slow down. Once I was finished dry firing my AK with both settings I started to shake wanting to shoot it, unfortunately I wont have a chance to do a live fire test until this or next weekend. Overall this trigger is the best thing to happen to the AK series, it may not be the cheapest US trigger, but it is the best bang for your buck. Unlike the other $60 dollar US AK FCGs, you get more then just a basic trigger set, it's a higher quality, its adjustable and it just under $20 dollars more. To sum it up finally the AR isn't one of the only rifles with a good set of aftermarket triggers. That day has ended, move over AR, the AK is here.


SRV656s' Comments on RSA AK-47 Trigger Group: Many people will argue different weaknesses of the AK rifle, but a definite weakness imposed on many of the imported AKís is the trigger system. If you didnít know, according to section 922 of some retarded law your imported AK-47 is required to have a certain amount of US parts (I think if you donít have a pistol grip, this requirement is dropped). Anyways to comply with this, after your AK is imported some parts are changed out, and the trigger is one of these parts. The original AK trigger system was milled from a solid billet of steel (I am a computer programmer so forgive me if my explanation of engineering falls short), well the US made trigger that is thrown into the imported guns is cast (metal poured into a mold) and most would not argue that it is not as good as it should be. The one I had in my Romanian SAR-1 had trigger slap (after each shot the trigger would spring forward and slap my trigger finger) that would eventually make my trigger finger numb. The trigger pull was heavy and awful and of all the guns I have it was the worst. The Red Star Arms trigger system is a whole new trigger system designed from scratch for the AK. From handling the Power Custom products and the Red Star Arms products I got the feeling that when they do something, they do it right. They definitely did their homework and definitely did not skimp when it came to quality. So is there a cheap replacement for the AK out there? Yes. Is the Red Star Arms trigger the cheapest? No. Is it worth it? I say Yes, from what Iíve seen and felt. They had two AKís set up with the trigger when I got there, and after the first shot I knew Iíd never be able to go back to the awful trigger of my SAR-1. The first one I shot had a two stage trigger that is the standard configuration of the triggers they ship. I ran the bolt and shouldered it, leveling it on the target. My index finger found the trigger as the front site post found the target. As my finger touched it, it naturally picked up the first stage of the trigger which was a slight smooth rearward movement of the trigger towards the rear before I felt the pressure on my fingertip of the second stage. I exhaled and as the second stage broke cleanly, I grinned and shot a few more quick shots in disbelief. No numbness in the trigger finger and it was a night and day difference from the gritty, long, heavy trigger pull of my SAR-1. The second one AK I shot was the same trigger adjusted to single stage trigger pull. It was a pleasure to shoot, and it was almost too good of a trigger to put on a combat rifle!! The guys at Red Star Arms have really come up with a winner. The trigger on my AK is something I have always hated, and while the Red Star Arms trigger could have been a simple replacement to the trigger system of the AK, they worked their tails off and made a fully adjustable system that reeks of quality. Each trigger is hand polished, hand checked, put into a rifle and pre-adjusted before shipping, and is adjustable for Pretravel, Overtravel, Disconnector Engagement, and Trigger Pull. If you have ever paid attention to gunsmithing news or competition shooting you have probably heard of Ron Power, and the trigger has been designed by some of the greatest minds in the gun business. When I shot my AK after the trigger was installed it was like a whole new rifle. I always was envious of my roommateís hair trigger on his Norinco Hunter and my trigger officially kicks the Hunter triggerís butt!! It is set pretty light and operated like a dream. I ran a mag through her then Ken Roberts suggested that I try bumping her. I didnít need much encouragement, and I dropped my AK to my hip, spraying lead downrange with ease, emptying the mag in one long burst. NO PROBLEM HERE!!! All in all I had a fantastic time with everyone during the visit, and Iíll always remember their cool toys and great hospitality. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful and I am afraid that my humble words do not do them justice. I am incredibly impressed with their motivation to work with regular AK owners to try out their product and the way they are open for suggestions. Itís rare these days that people come up with new ideas for stuff. Even rarer when someone comes up with a good idea, and rarer still when someone has a good idea coupled with the motivation and ability to follow through with it.

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