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   M92 Flats
Category->AK Building Tools
M92 Flats

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This flat will work with the M92 or M70 that has the flat sided front trunnion. There aren't many that have the flat sided front trunnion, but there are a few out there.

To finish these flats along with the others you will need to buy a 5mm and 7mm reamer. Or at least get drill bits of that size to open up the holes in the flats once they are bent. The reamers should cost around $27 for the set plus shipping from most online tool suppliers. At the same time you order the reamers buy 4mm (or 5/32) screw machine drill bits for drilling the trunnion holes. The rear trunnion holes are 4.5mm. Try not to buy the cheap import drill bits for drilling the trunnion holes.

The magwells on these will be trimmed to 7.62 mag dimensions.

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