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Bulgarian Sidefolder Flats

Category->AK Building Tools
Bulgarian Sidefolder Flats

Online Price

MSRP: $37.50
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had a chance to bend one of the new flats and the Russian trunnion will stick out the back of the receiver around .040 or so. The D-shaped latch doesn't fit too bad. For the time and cost it would take to have another design made up it really wouldn't be worth doing.

This is a brand new flat made just for the Bulgarian Sidefolder stocks. The magwell is not full size, but can be ordered cut to 5.45 or 7.62 mag dimensions. This is NOT a modified flat. This is totally different than any flat ever on the market before.

The flat is made from 4130 annealed steel as well as the bolt guide rails. On the rails the mag stabilizers are on BOTH sides not just the right side. There is also a dimple on the right side rail that pushes the hammer away from the side of the receiver.

You will have to drill the center support holes, drill/ream the op-side hammer hole and ream out the non-op hammer/trigger pin holes. This process fixes at least three or four problems with the way we've had to work with a bent flat in the past.

We also sell the 5mm and 7mm Reamers for finishing the hammer and trigger holes on these flats. These will ensure that you have perfectly round holes for the axis pins to go through. You will want to run these at a slow speed and use some cutting oil if you have some. The reamers are sold separtly and are $25.00 per set.
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