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   1911 45 ACP Extractor S80
1911 45 ACP Extractor S80

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Cylinder & Slide
The Ultimate Option extractor is CNC machined from the spring steel alloy originally called for in the U.S. Government specifications for the 1911. This alloy produces an extractor with superior wear resistance and is a true spring steel. The 1911 extractor was designed to be a spring that hooked and extracted the spent cartridge. The spring tension on a 1911 extractor must be correct and the extractor must maintain that tension to be reliable. our extractor accomplishes these two functions flawlessly while maintaining superior wear resistance on the surface that contacts the cartridge rim. Our limited lifetime warranty is good to the original purchaser. The extractor has been radiused correctly for complete reliability. The only fitting that remains is the correct tensioning of the extractor to the individual slide. Our limited lifetime warranty will be void if any filing, machining, barrel strike, incorrect tensioning, vise or plier marks are evident on the extractor. The extractor must not touch the barrel when the slide is fully closed. If the extractor touches the barrel when the slide is closed, the end of the extractor will be bent or broken off. The usual cause of barrel strike is an improperly fitted barrel. The proper tensioning of the extractor must be accomplished by slightly bending the extractor over its entire length not by bending the end of it.

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