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   AK Fiberforce Stock
AK Fiberforce Stock

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Transform your 7.62x39mm rifle into an exciting, Dragunov style. Fits most variations of AK, Mak-90, and MAADI. Kit includes the buttstock with unique dowel sling mount, and upper/lower handguard assemblies. Left-handed shooters can use with no modification.

AK Fiberforce Stock Installation

Fits 7.62x39mm AKs, Mak-90s and MAADIs. All screws must be lubricated prior to assembly.
STEP #1 Inspect magazine and chamber to be sure they are empty. Remove receiver dust cover, recoil spring, and bolt assembly per manufacturer's instructions.

Remove Buttstock
Buttstocks will be held in place with two (2) or three (3) screws depending upon model. Remove the one (or two) screws from the receiver upper rear tang. An additional screw may also be found running upward through grip. The third screw on the Maadi is removed from inside the receiver, it is a wood screw running into the top of the pistol grip. You should now be able to remove butt stock.

STEP #2 To remove gas tube/handguard assembly: Raise lever on right side of rear sight base. The assembly can then be removed by lifting upward on the rear end. To remove the wood from the assembly, rotate the wood around the gas tube 180 degrees and lift it off.

STEP #3 To remove the lower forearm wood: Raise the small locking lever located inside the right side of the forearm front barrel band. Rotate the locking lever 180 degrees forward - as far as possible. The barrel band should then slide forward releasing the front of the forearm.

STEP #4 To install new lower forearm: Insert lower forearm rear locator tab into recess in front of receiver. While holding front of forearm against barrel, work barrel band rearward over front of forearm. Then return the barrel band locking lever to the locked position. (Reverse Step #3).

STEP #5 NOTE: To ease assembly/ disassembly, all screw threads must be thoroughly lubricated prior to installation. To install new upper handguard: First install gas tube (minus wood) by reversing removal process. (Reverse Step #2). Install upper handguard by inserting front of handguard into barrel band. Gently tap upper handguard forward until it drops in place. Install the two (2) provided #6 self tapping screws.

STEP #6 To install buttstock: Slide buttstock into place on receiver. Make certain buttstock is as far forward as it will go.
A. MAK-90- install the 6mm socket head cap screw upward through bottom of grip. Note: If your MAK-90 has the loose/floating tee nut, use your original 6mm grip screw threaded temporarily into the back side of the tee nut to hold the tee nut in place until you get the grip screw started. Tighten grip screw. Caution: Do not over-tighten.
B. MAADI - Install the large self tapping bolt and washer downward thru the square hole in the receiver and into the hole in the butt stock. Caution: Do not over-tighten. IN BOTH CASES, INSTALLATION OF THE NEW BUTTSTOCK IS A REVERSAL OF THE REMOVAL OF THE WOODEN STOCK.
NOTE: To ease assembly and disassembly all screw threads must be thoroughly lubricated prior to installation.

NOTE: Holes for tang screws are not pre-drilled due to differing mounting locations in manufacture of MAK90/MAADI rifles.

STEP #7 The receiver tang screw hole (holes) can now be drilled. FOR MAK90 use 13/64 drill bit. FOR MAADI use 3/16 drill bit. Install the original tang screws.
Note: A small amount of lubrication will ease the initial screw installation. Caution: Do not over-tighten.

STEP #8 Reinstall the bolt / gas piston assembly and dust cover per manufacturers instructions.

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