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   The MagCinch Tool
The MagCinch Tool

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The MagCinch Tool
Dsigned with the avid AR shooter in mind, incorporates several needs into one compact package, and weighs less than 2 rounds of ammo! The metal insert is made of a high carbon stainless, heat treated to a Rockwell of 48-50.

A. Front sight adjustment tool.

B. MagCinch strap tightening device to assist you in getting your MagCinch units installed correctly.

C.Bolt face cleaning tool. This tool is the exact size of the 5.56mm/.223 bolt face. Lets you remove any built up residue and fouling.

D. Two disassembly punches. One is large enough for the take down pin and the other is for the pins in your lower receiver. Using these tools will make sure you don't mar the finish of your favorite rifle.

E. A tool that can be used in place of a Phillips screwdriver or can be used as a scraper.

F.Lanyard loop, which allows you to tie your tool to you web gear or tool bag so you don't lose it.

The MagCinch Tool is patent pending

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