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Retainer Plate Pat. Pend.

Retainer Plate Pat. Pend.

Online Price

MSRP: $12.99
Save: $9.00


The original US made trigger retainig system. made out of the finest US spring steel. Trust me it is very strong !

This product from Red Star Arms replaces the bent wire Shepherd's Crook. This steel plate installs in less than 5 seconds and holds the hammer and trigger pins in your Kalashnikov secure. Forget about fighting with the retaining wire. Not only can you frustrate yourself and scratch your firearm trying to route the retaining wire, but if it is not installed properly your gun will malfunction.

Similar to retainer plates used in the FAL and in some modern Russian Kalashnikovs, the RSA Hammer/Trigger pin retainer plate will work in nearly all Kalashnikovs. It can replace any style of retaining wire and will make installing, adjusting, tuning, or cleaning your trigger group a much easier job.

Please note. If you have an OOW receiver select the OOW option in the pull down list.

Pat Pend.

Retainer instructions PDF

What our customers say.

Good evening,

I just wanted to say, "Thank You". I ordered one of your AK fire-control units, and it fit as advertised. I had problems with getting the Shepherd's Crook pin retainer out and back in, and remembered an insert in the shipment from you. After reading it again, I ordered one of your retainer plates. Much superior, and far easier. It dropped in in less time than it took to read the directions. Not to mention that it arrived in only a couple of days.

Thank you very much from saving my AK from another session with needle-nosed pliers trying to get that frustrating wire back in place. :-)

Have a great day,
John F.
Just wanted to tell you that I received the shepard hook replacement plate today/installed it....I am so impressed with this item!!I dont know why any AK owner wouldnt want one...I took out the hook for the first time today(AKA: anti-peasent disassembly restricter spring lol)I dont want to even think about what it would have took to to wrestle that back in.
But your plate.....It's a wonderful thing indeed :)

John L.

Please use our comment box below to let us know what you think of our retainer plate product.
Ken Roberts

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