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   AK Builder Flat and Rails with trunnion holes
Category->AK Building Tools
AK Builder Flat and Rails with trunnion holes

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1050 High Carbon Steel Flats.

These are made with the magwell pre-cut for 7.62 with no choice for 5.45 magwell openings. The dimensions and hole placing are exactly like my other flats, but were made to be more affordable.

The ejector rails will now be longer like the Bulgarian style rails from K-Var with the mag stabilizer which no other flat that is on the market has. The right side rails are also like the original rails that have the bump on the rail to center the hammer in the receiver. You can't buy flats and rails of this quality from any other manufacturer. They all copied another flat that was dimensionally incorrect and these were reverse engineered from an actual receiver.

These flats will need to have the hammer/trigger 5mm & 7mm holes enlarged with a reamer. A drill bit only has two flutes and a reamer has several and will center up on the hole better than a standard drill bit. Look up a local machine tool supplier in your area to purchase them.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 September, 2006.

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