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   Yugo M92 Underfolding Rifle Kit 7.62x39
Category->AK parts kits

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These are made from the virgin M92 kits along with our 16" chrome lined  barrel and fake suppressor that covers the barrel.

We have machined the rear trunnion to work with the stock since the trunnion on the virgin kits are not machined for the stock.  We are also putting in a machined selector stop.

The barrel is headspaced and all pieces are pressed on and pinned.  The holes for the front trunnion rivets are also drilled.  We have done most of the difficult work in assembling the virgin kits.  Read that real close and look at the pieces to see what we haven't done.

These kits come with 5 magazines, mag pouch, cleaning kit, sling and oil bottle.

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