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   RSA Video Downloads

Welcome to the Red Star Arms video download page. I love history and information relating to firearms of all types. I have collected several videos from various sources and put them here for the visitors of Red Star Arms to enjoy. This area will only continue to grow. Check back often and tell your friends that there is a ton of good information and maybe just some plain fun to be had here.


Short history of the AK-47 Rifle 

Firearm section.

Top Ten Combat Rifles The Military Channel 50 megs

Knob Creek with the Gunny ! 50 megs

The History Channel AK-47 10 megs

Shoot out Iraq. The Grave yard part one 25 megs

Shoot out Iraq. The Grave yard part two 25 megs

Weapons during the Vietnam War 10 megs

The PPHS Sub Machine Gun The History Channel 10 megs

The B.A.R from the History Channel 10 megs

Mauser 98 The History Channel 10 megs

The M1 Garand the history Channel 8 megs

The AK AN 104 The History Channel 14 megs

Don't Take My Guns Away ! From Bulletfest Music By The Elvis Brothers

LA Bank of America Shoot out 50 meg

Hired Guns private security in IRAQ 200 megs

Crazy Fun Section

Miss RSA Bike Photo Shoot Montage 20 megs

Miss RSA Lake Shoot Summer 2006 Montage 4 megs

The Lord of War Opening Sequence 10 megs

How To Kill Zombies Dawn Of The Dead 10 megs

How To Kill Zombies With Music D.O.T.D. 10 megs

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